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Gemstone Jewelry

Understanding Gemstone Jewelry, Making The Right Choice

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Opal Mens Rings: These rings are not very common. However, if you prefer to have a mens opal gem ring, understanding the gem stone will help you make the right selection. Besides looking good, your mens opal gem stone ring needs to be durable too. >> more

Tarnish On Silver: Silver gem stone jewelry is in demand for two main reasons. High gold prices have motivated buyers to move towards sterling silver gem stone jewelry. Besides this, silver jewelry has a loyal following. You need to understand the issue of silver tarnish before making a buying decision. >> more

Diamond Rings: Diamond rings are one of the most desired types of gem stone jewelry. Yet diamond rings are not very common, the main reason is the high price tags worn by most diamond rings. In this report we explain why custom made diamond rings can be affordable, beautiful and durable. >> more

Opal Claddagh Rings: White opal and fire opal are two good choices for claddagh opal rings. A fire opal gem stone claddagh ring will be very unique and exclusive since, not many people know about the gemstone. For a white opal claddagh ring make sure that you get a gem with specks of color flashes. Fire opals range in color from pale orange to a very deep orange with hints of red. >> more

Claddagh Rings: The global popularity of the 375 year old ring has made people forget the humble beginnings of this stunning jewel. We show you how a claddagh gem stone ring can have enhanced beauty and meaning. Gem stone jewelry of this kind looks awesome in gold or sterling silver. >> more

Wedding Claddagh Ring: The story of the claddagh ring tells us about the extremely harsh conditions in which the world's first claddagh ring was made. The features of the claddagh ring symbolize love, friendship and loyalty. This makes the ring an ideal choice for a wedding ring. >> more

Heart Gem Stone Jewelry: The heart symbol has been associated with love and affection for many centuries. A heart pendant signifies love and is one of the most popular jewels to be gifted. Heart gem stone jewelry would have dimensions that are proportionate to the gemstone size. Check out this 40+ carat blue topaz heart pendant. >> more

Gemstone Jewelry Info: You will find countless jewelers willing to sell you gem stone jewelry of all types. However, most of these jewelers lay complete stress on sales and devote few or no resources to educate buyers regarding the various aspects of gem stone jewelry. We present one of the most respected resources for high end custom gemstone jewelry. >> more

Antique Gem Stone Jewelry: Antique gem stone jewelry could contain large gemstones, some of these could be too expensive for many buyers. Custom antique jewelry allows flexibility for gemstone and metal selection. There are still some sources that make high quality custom antique gem stone jewelry in gold or sterling silver jewelry. >> more

Gemstone Cross: Crosses are the most popular type of religious jewelry. Gemstone crosses add glitter and color to the jewel. Your gemstone cross pendant can match your budget, the choice of gems and metal can work to your advantage. >> more

Tanzanite Mens Ring: Tanzanite gem stone jewelry needs to take the properties of the gem stone into consideration. It is possible to get a strong and sturdy mens tanzanite ring, the design of the tanzanite gem stone ring is important. The right design can combine external appearance and durability. >> more

Diamond Mens Ring: Diamond jewelry is never cheap, this is especially true of mens diamond rings. We show you how to get a diamond mens ring that looks far more expensive than it's price tag would suggest. No compromise has been made on longterm durability. >> more

Heart Rings For Men: The claddagh mens ring is one of the very few heart gem stone rings suitable for men. Kai Silver is regarded as the best source for this historic jewel. Learn all about the gold or sterling silver men's claddagh ring ... more.

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