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Heart Gemstone Rings For Men 

Are Heart Shaped Gems Suitable For Mens Jewelry 

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If we had to ask you a simple question, regarding heart shaped gems - your answer would most probably be in the negative. The question is whether heart gems are suitable for mens rings or other men's jewelry. Despite the preachings about, love being universal - heart gems that are meant to symbolize love and affection, are generally not used in mens jewelry.

We will today discuss about one mens heart gem stone ring that has shown a sharp increase in demand. The 375 year old claddagh tradition is today respected all over the globe. This ring was first made by an Irish slave named Robert Joyce. The jewel with it's hands, heart and crown is one of the very few heart rings that men are prepared to wear. Kaisilver the world's leading online custom jewelry provider is credited with crafting the world's finest rendition of this historic jewel. While you can request for your mens claddagh ring to be made with a gem or plain without one, adding a gem can add meaning to the jewel too.

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A heart shaped center gem stone for the claddagh mens ring could be selected in a number of ways. You might choose a gem that has the color that you prefer or, might have a specific gemstone in mind. For example, a heart shaped birth stone men's claddagh ring is supposed to bring good luck and good fortune to the wearer. The tradition of birthstones has been kept alive for many centuries. Besides the tradition of birthstones, man has also attributed special powers to certain gems. A heart black onyx gem in a men's gold or 925 silver claddagh ring is not a birthstone but, there are other special properties attributed to onyx gems. It is believed that wearing a black onyx gem helps a person come to terms with tragedy and hardship.

Birth Stone Chart

birth stone chart
Though pearl is the birth stone for the month of June, moonstone is also designated as the birthstone for June. This is useful when the gem needs to be cut and shaped like a gem. Pearl cannot be cut and faceted like moonstone.

If you want to know how big the gem in a mens claddagh ring can be, we would say that it depends on your budget. However in most cases, the gem size would be between 8mm and 10mm. If you wanted a mens claddagh heart ring with a sapphire, ruby, emerald or tanzanite we would suggest that you limit yourself to an 8mm heart shape gem. This is because a 10mm sapphire or ruby could cost around 5,000 U.S$ to 15,000 U.S$ for the piece. On the other hand, aquamarine, tourmaline, morganite and iolite are more affordable in the 10mm size BUT not exactly cheap. It is very likely that a heart claddagh mens ring with these gems would be better made with an 8mm gemstone. Just remember that we do not limit your choice for gem size, but your budget would most probably place such restrictions. However if you do have the budget to match, we will be glad to procure and custom cut the gemstone and size of your choice.

So what if you wanted a 10mm gem size for your claddagh mens heart ring in gold or silver. Remember that a larger gem size would imply a larger metal mounting too, this would require the metal weight to be proportional to the ring size and dimensions. The gems that would be moderately priced in the heart shape 10mm size category would be - white topaz, all shades of blue topaz, peridot, agate, black onyx, bloodstone, blue lapis, amethyst, citrine, smoky quartz, rose quartz, red garnet, dyed green jade, moonstone and a few others. So basically if you have a gem size set in your mind, check out the gems that are within your budget for that size. On the other hand if you have a specific gem in mind, then pick the 8mm or 10mm size based on the price factor.

Before we move ahead with this discussion, we would like to say a few things about the meaning of a claddagh ring. The first ring was made by an Irish fisherman turned slave, his name was Robert Joyce. One morning, the boat in which young Robert and his friends were sailing was attacked by pirates. The attackers not only stole all the belongings on the boat but also, captured the fishermen and sold them as slaves. Robert was sold to a wealthy goldsmith, and was forced to work hard for his master. The harsh life of slavery was something that he could bear but, the thought of being separated from his beloved tormented him. It was the dream of being free one day and meeting his beloved that gave him the strength to carry on. He decided to make something for her, hoping to gift it to her when he would be free from the shackles of slavery. His dreams came free and he was a few years later, Robert Joyce was freed from slavery. As expected, he rushed back to his small village and was overjoyed to see that his beloved was still waiting for him. He gave her the 'gift' that he had made for her, this was the first claddagh ring. The touching story has resulted in tremendous interest and respect in this historic jewel.

Knowledge and information about the claddagh ring has exploded in the past decade. Fashion critics across the globe credit Kaisilver efforts for this. A team of Kai Silver experts spent several months studying the history and tradition of the jewel. We obviously owe a million thanks to various Irish institutions that shared their information with the team. What is very interesting is that, we did not even begin the design and production without researching the background and history of the claddagh ring. This is what ensures that our claddagh rings for men and ladies retains all the features of the first ring made almost 4 centuries ago. We are today honored to have many Irish clients proudly wearing our claddagh rings in gold and sterling silver.

There are many reasons why you should wear a mens heart claddagh ring. The ring implies love, friendship and loyalty. The essential features of a lady's or men's claddagh ring are the hands (friendship), heart (love) and crown (loyalty). The love and loyalty mentioned here need not imply matrimonial relationships, it could mean love between mother and son or even a mere show of appreciation for the 3 important virtues denoted by this very meaningful ring - love, friendship and loyalty are surely something that should exist within each one of us.

We are not the only source for your mens claddagh ring, but there are strong reasons why you should get your ring from Kaisilver. These reasons are real and objective, we have never been known for smooth sales talk or extravagant marketing gimmicks.  Here are the essential features of Kaisilver claddagh rings for men and ladies. By now you should be clear that THIS heart gem stone ring is perfect for everyone, below are some serious reasons for getting one of your own or even gifting one to someone you love or care for.


Highlights Of Kai Silver Mens Claddagh Heart Rings

Custom made in 14k or 18k white or yellow gold. Sterling silver is also an option. All ring sizes are available.
Healthy metal weight ensures longterm durability, our mens heart claddagh rings have a minimum weight range of 20 to 25 grams.
The researched design for our claddagh rings, offers a sturdy jewel and firm gem mounting, the gem is bordered all around with gold or 925 silver.
Not mass produced, some of the finest craftsmen and artisans work on each jewel. The same quality of craftsmanship is assured for gold or 925 silver mens claddagh heart rings.
You can choose a plain or gem stone claddagh mens ring. The plain ring will have a solid silver/gold heart in the center.
We provide all gem stone options, each gem is carefully inspected before being precisely cut. You are not restricted to gems that you see on our website.
All design modifications are possible since, each mens heart gem stone or plain ring is fully custom made.
You also have the option to add diamonds in the crown. This is suitable for mens claddagh wedding or engagement rings.
We offer all types of etchings and engravings inside the band of your mens claddagh ring. This can enhance the meaning of the jewel and is done at no extra charge to you.

You can get an idea of the pricing of Kaisilver mens heart claddagh rings from the price tables below. Just to recap, we had mentioned that some gems like ruby, sapphire, emerald and tanzanite carry premium price tags when the gem size is above 8mm. The price tables therefore group the gem options by size and gem type. However if can provide you with a specific price quote if you need a large size gem for these expensive gems too.


Prices With 8mm Gemstone - MAN14, MAN60 and MAN33 Are Priced The Same

Ring Weight 18 to 22 Grams

mens claddagh ring prices

We will let you know if your ring size is very large requiring additional gold weight.


Prices With 10mm Gemstone - MAN14, MAN60 and MAN33 Are Priced The Same

Ring Weight 22 to 25 Grams

mens gold or sterling silver claddagh ring

We will let you know if your ring size is very large requiring additional gold weight.


How To Buy Your Mens Heart Claddagh Ring.

At Kaisilver we encourage buyers to talk to our support team before rushing a purchase. You can email us at with your requirements and queries. The support experts will make suggestions and provide options that are aimed to benefit you. Since the support team performance is monitored by the extent to which they help the buyer, we do not pressurise our staff to get orders. This works to your benefit although it means that, you get less of sweet sales talk and pushy convincing. You can also refer to our regular website resource on this product, detailed information and options are provided here.

The above report on heart gemstone rings for men, compiled by the experts at Kaisilver. We custom make all jewelry in gold or sterling silver with your choice of design and gem stones. As the leading online custom made jewellery provider we have direct and preferential access to more than 200 million carats of gemstones. Much of our gem resources are procured directly from miners. We have always tried to educate the buyer rather than to make a sale. While this brings us lesser orders, it gives us immense satisfaction in ensuring that the buyer makes well informed buying decisions. Do write to our support experts if you have any queries or doubts related to gems and jewelry. There is no need to make any purchase from us, so do go ahead and get the benefit of our expertise.


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