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Saturday, 12 July 2008
Mens Opal Ring, What You Should Know About Mens Opal Rings

You will not see too many mens opal rings, there are a few reasons for this. It is thought that mens opal rings will not be strong and sturdy, this is not entirely true. Another possible reason for the rarity of a mens opal ring is that, large opals are not very common. Most mens rings would require fairly large opal gem stones. If you love opals and would like to have one on your mens ring, do not be afraid to go ahead and get a custom mens opal ring. All gemstones have their own features, a better understanding of the opal gem stone will ensure that you know what to expect from your opal mens ring. At the same time, a better understanding of your mens opal gem stone ring will also let you know what the ring expects from you. Most gemstones require certain issues to be taken care of when being worn, cleaned or stored. So there is no reason to be particularly sceptical about opal mens rings.

Firstly, you should know that all opal gems have some moisture content. The beauty of the opal draws help from this moisture, losing the moisture will also reduce the beauty of the opal. For this reason, do not expose your mens opal ring to strong light or heat sources. Similarly, chemicals and strong detergents can also affect the moisture in opals. Keep your opal mens ring away from hard objects, the gemstone can crack if struck by physical impact. Common opal types for mens opal rings are white opal and fire opal. A fire opal gemstone can range in color from a pale orange to a more strong reddish-orange. The darker shades of fire opal and preferred for mens opal rings. White opals can be found in larger sizes as compared to fire opals. If you are thinking of getting a silver mens opal ring, there are some additional issues that you should become aware of. All silver jewelry will tarnish, using anti-tarnish treatments like rhodium, gold and platinum plating is a temporary solution. Solutions and fabrics used to clean tarnished silver jewelry contain chemicals. These chemicals could affect the opal gemstone. It is better to occassionally wipe your silver mens opal ring with a soft and moist cloth. This will keep dark and stubborn tarnish away thus making it unnecessary to use harsh cleaning methods.

A few design details will also help give you a more long lasting mens opal gem stone ring. Choose a design that does not have a very protruding gemstone setting, this will protect your gold or silver mens opal ring from physical impact. A good way to mount an opal gemstone is to border it all around with metal, this keeps the gemstone firmly mounted and protects it from side impact. If you are considering getting a mens opal inlay ring, here are a few things that your jeweler would not tell you. Opal inlay rings use a special glue to stick the opal to the metal mounting. This glue could wear out and weaken, you will then have to pay for repairs as the opal eventually falls off the ring. Opal gems sometimes lose a little bit of moisture. Inlay rings need a very precise ft for the gemstone size, even a slight shrinkage can cause the gemstone to drop out of the ring.

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