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Gemstone Jewelry From Kaisilver
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Sunday, 13 May 2012
Gemstone Cufflinks, Select The Right Gem For Your Cuff Links

Choosing The Gemstone For Your Cufflinks

Cufflinks can be plain with no gems or diamonds or can have, gems. When it comes to gold or 925 sterling silver cufflinks with gemstones, it is good idea to devote sufficient attention to the gems that you need. You might be surprised to know that, the design concept for your cufflinks might also need to be customized to suit the gemstones that you need. In this brief report on gemstone cufflinks, we will highlight the essentials that need to be considered.

Natural or Artificial: Your gem options for a pair of cuff links can be broadly classified as natural or man made (artificial) gemstones. Natural gems will generally be more expensive than artificial gems but, artificial gems can sometimes be more sturdy as compared to natural gems. If you are more concerned about the gem color and not worried about the gems being natural, make sure that your jeweler understands that. There is nothing wrong in going for a pair of gold or silver cuff links with artificial gems as long as, you get what you paid for and know what you are getting.

Gem Size: This information might not be relevant if you are going for a pair of cufflinks with artificial gems. In the case of natural gemstones the issue of gem size takes on special importance. This is mainly because most natural gems show a sharp increase in price (per carat) as the gem size increases. The CUFF-03 cufflinks shown above are made with a pair of natural carnelian gemstones. This is a modestly priced gems and the 14x10mm oval size does not push the price tag sky high. However if you were thinking of natural sapphire or ruby, a gem size beyond 9x7mm oval would be extravagantly priced.

Gem Durability: All gems are not equally hard and durable, in the gemstone world the price you pay for a gem does not reflect it's toughness. A good example is emerald, this gem is clubbed in the 'expensive' gemstone category but it needs a lot of looking after - and this is even when you store or clean cufflinks or jewelry that have emerald gems. We made a statement above that, artificial gems can be more durable as compared to their natural counterparts - this is very true of emeralds.

Gems and Design: Since many gems are highly priced per carat as the gem size increases. You will need to select the concept for your cufflinks based on the gemstone that you choose. When going for tourmaline, morganite, aquamarine and even iolite - stay in the 8mm to 8x6mm size. But when it comes to rubies, sapphires, emeralds and tanzanite we would suggest that, you limit the gemsize to the 4mm to 6mm size range. You might feel that such small gems would look strange in a pair of cufflinks but, this is where a smart design can help. You can make a pair of cufflinks with more than one gemstone if you plan on keeping the gemstone sizes small.

The above information that we have provided will not make you a gemstone expert, it will also not make redundant the guidance and advice that your jeweler should provide. The objective in writing this report on gemstone cufflinks is to give you a broad overview of the issues related to gem selection. Your jeweler will need to guide you with your specific selection, just make sure that you select the right jeweler.

Our expert team will be glad to assist you in any way they can. Do email us at with any queries or requirements that you might have. A selection of our highend custom cufflinks can be reviewed at We can ofcourse make your cufflinks with your designs or ours, both gold and 925 silver cufflinks get the same quality of gem options and craftsmanship.


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Friday, 13 April 2012
Sapphire Rings, Extravagant Looks Can Be Affordable

Sapphire Rings, Extravagant Looks Affordable Prices
When we talk about sapphire rings at affordable prices, we are not making a sales gimmick. The Kaisilver commitment to crafting quality jewelry remains strong and consistent. We mentioned 'extravagant looks' something that we are serious about. At the same time we do not expect you to be satisfied with fake factory made sapphire stones or, cheap cz stones instead of diamonds. The idea of making good quality sapphire rings affordable is very relevant today. Both sapphires and gold have shown upward price movement in recent years, there is something interesting about sapphire gemstone prices. While gold prices move up and down, sapphires have very rarely shown a downward price movement.
If you observe the sapphire rings shown in the above image, one thing is common in all of them. We have avoided using large sapphire gems, this for a very specific reason. The prices of sapphires (per carat) move up very sharply as the gem size goes up. If you try to stay within a modest budget and yet, insist on gold or silver sapphire rings with large sapphire gems, you will need to compromise on gem quality. By maintaining a modest gem size for the above Kaisilver sapphire rings, we have ensured that the quality of the sapphires is good.
There are a few more interesting things about the sapphire gemstone rings shown above. Almost all of them are priced below 2,000 U.S$ and this is amazing considering that they all have, natural sapphires which have good quality, fine craftsmanship and healthy gold weight. So for the serious jewelry lover, these sapphire gemstone rings are very attractive. You will agree that a 2,000 U.S$ natural sapphire gemstone ring is not very expensive, it is priced in the range of what you would pay for a casual or daily wear sapphire gemstone ring. But take another look at the jewels and you will notice that, they are very suitable for sapphire wedding and engagement rings too. And taking that into consideration, you will realize that the price of 2,000 U.S$ is all the more attractive.
What we would like to stress in this report is that, the possibility of getting good quality sapphire rings are modest prices is real. You just need to find the right jeweler who cares for you without becoming too greedy for huge profit margins. Check out more details on these and other sapphire rings at


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Updated: Friday, 13 April 2012 8:12 AM EDT
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Sunday, 26 February 2012
Gemstone Yin Yang Jewelry, Choosing Gems For Your Yin Yang Ring

Yin Yang Gemstone Ring, Gem Selection



The yin yang symbol is widely recognized across the globe. If you have observed the color of the yin yang symbol, you would notice that it is black and white in most cases. When Kaisilver experts got down to design another highend mens ring, it was the turn of the yin yang ring this time. Since the concept was to be a gem stone yin yang ring, we obviously needed to debate the choice of gemstones for the ring. We have seen yin yang rings with diamonds all over the design, extravagant, expensive but really not the true feel of the yin yang.
What we finally came up with can be seen in the men's yin yang ring image above but, it was surely not easy to do this. While some jewelry consultants recommended that gemstone inlay be used to create the yin yang ring, we were fully aware that inlaying of gemstone creates jewelry that is not very durable and longlasting. So the best option before us was to actuall set the gemstone in the gold or silver yin yang ring. Given the shape of the black and white portions on the yin yang symbol, it became clear that a skilled gem cutter would be required to get the job done to perfection. 
Let us now explain, how the gem cutting and setting was done for the ring. Firstly, we did not use glue or similar gimmicks to get the job done easily and fast. The gold or silver casting for the yin yang ring was first done to perfection, when all the dimensions and proportions were perfect - we set about cutting the black and white portions. The black is black onyx and the white is white mother of pearl. The gemstones had to be very precisely cut to fit the grooves generated by the ring casting. Once set in the grooves, the metal around the stone was carefully placed over the border. This ensured a firm fit without the use of glue or prongs.
We have yet to talk about the small stones in the ring, and this is another exciting idea and implementation. Have a look at the small stones and you will notice that, they are bordered with metal too. This is not easy to do for small gems, as the pressure exerted during the setting stage can cause the stones to crack or break. Keeping this in mind. Keeping this in mind, we selected the hardest stone to be used in conventional jewelry - the diamond. A hardness rating of 10 out of 10 on the Mohs scale makes diamonds very durable and hard. A 2mm round white diamond was set in the black portion of the yin yang ring, and a similar black diamond was set in the white portion.
So is this the best gem combination for yin yang rings with gems. We are not sure about that, but one this is for sure - the gem colors retain the color combination of the yin yang symbol that is known and respected by millions all over the world. If you are interested to know more about the Kaisilver yin yang ring shown above, check out the full report on this ring at There is a growing trend to choose yin yang rings as wedding or engagement rings, is this jewel really suitable for such special ocassion rings. An informative report on mens yin yang wedding rings can be reviewed at

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Sunday, 19 February 2012
Mens Topaz Gemstone Rings, Topaz Gems Ideally Suited For Mens Rings



The popularity of mens topaz gemstone rings is not something that happened by chance. Topaz gems have some fine features that make them suitable for all types of gemstone jewelry particularly, mens topaz rings. We will briefly explain some of those impressive features of topaz gemstones that make them suitable for mens gold or silver rings.

When you talk about mens gemstone jewelry, durability is of added importance. This is because like we all know, men do not take too much care about the jewelry that they wear. It is therefore desirable to have any and every inbuilt feature that would increase the durability of mens jewelry. Topaz gems have excellent wearability and rate an 8 out or 10 on the Mohs scale that is used to measure gem stone hardness.This means that not much fuss is required to keep these gems in shape.

If you look at the topaz mens rings shown in the image above, you will see two colors for the topaz gemstone namely white and blue. The good thing about blue topaz gems is that, you have 3 distinctly different shades of blue to choose from. The MAN19T shown above is a two tone gold, mens london blue topaz ring. This is the darker shade of blue topaz, you also have a pale blue topaz and a brighter blue topaz gemstone to choose for your men's topaz gemstone rings. The blue and white colors of topaz gems, account for more than 90% of men's topaz rings. Men are fond of blue gemstones, blue lapis, turquoise, blue sapphire and ofcourse blue topaz gemstones are favorites for mens gold or silver gemstone jewelry.

You would expect mens gem stone rings to have fairly large gems and this is almost always true. In the case of most gemstones, clarity or color of the gem needs to be compromised as the gem size moves up. Fortunately this is not true of white and blue topaz gems. You can insist and expect to get these topaz gems in eye clean and flawless color, even for gem sizes that are as large as 8 to 10 carats. We would not say that it is always easy to get such flawless topaz gemstones but, a gems or jewelry provider with sufficient gem connections and resources should be able to get you one.

Price is an influential factor in the purchase of any commodity, this will remain true of your topaz gemstone mens ring too. The gem cost will obviously add up to the total tag price, we therefore need to talk about the price structure of white topaz and blue topaz gemstones. This stone is definitely moderately priced and if you set the price tag against the above mentioned features, the price point appears even more attractive.

If you had to compare mens gold and silver topaz rings by numbers, mens 925 silver topaz gemstone rings would far exceed that of gold topaz rings for men. The reasons are quite obvious, gold is much more expensive than silver - and mens rings to be impressive and durable require substantial metal weight. Besides the cost factor, many men like the calm and confident appeal of silver jewelry, they would therefore prefer to get a mens 925 silver topaz ring irrespective of the price of gold. The moderate price of topaz gems makes them suitable for both gold and silver gemstone jewelry.

Another factor that could influence the demand for gemstone jewelry, is the suitability of a gemstone to a specific metal color. Jewelry is generally made in gold, silver or platinum. Blue topaz gems look stunning in yellow or white gold, platinum and ofcourse in sterling silver too. The MAN19T mens topaz ring in the above image, combines yellow and white gold in the same ring - a good choice if you want something really unique. 


The above report will give you a fairly good idea of why we strongly recommend topaz gemstones for mens rings. Comparing price, good looks, durability and color choice puts topaz gems well ahead of many more gemstones that are even 10 to 20 times more expensive than topaz. We have a more complete report on this topic at and our support experts at will always be willing to answer any questions that you have. 


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Sunday, 18 December 2011
Male Jewelry, Complicated Market Segmentation For Male Silver And Gold Jewelry

Male Jewelry, Market Segmentation

Being a jeweler is not easy these days, subdued markets and changing buyer patterns are two of the main factors that bring uncertainity to the markets. Male jewelry is a good example of how, jewelry manufacturers need to adjust to suit market and economic conditions.

The demand for male jewelry in terms of volume, has surely shown an increase. What is interesting is the metal choice for male jewelry during the past few years. Before gold prices looked for the sky, men chose male gold jewelry. It was taken for granted that silver male jewelry would lack the quality of gold jewelry. Even at this point of time, there were a group of buyers who preferred silver to gold. Price was not an issue with them, they adored the quiet confident feel and look of male 925 silver jewelry. This buyer group wanted good quality jewelry, remember they were not the 'cheap' jewelry hunter group. 

The high rise in gold prices, worked to boost the demand for male silver jewelry. Once again, buyers who were exposed to quality gold jewelry insisted on quality. This buyer group is expected to show rapid growth mainly because, the price of gold does not look like cooling off in the next few years. You might find that a portion of these buyers look for silver male jewelry that is plated in gold, rhodium or even platinum. Remember that they like gold jewelry and were pushed towards silver mainly for economic reasons. From the view point of the jeweler, it is necessary to explain the concept of plating silver jewelry, also the lifespan of the plating. This is a new role to play for the jeweler, as he would be dealing with a buyer who does not really adore silver jewelry but is after the metal to economize on budgets. 

So you have two distinctly different group of male silver jewelry buyers, the jeweler needs to adjust to both groups. And ofcourse, you have the bargain hunter, looking for silver jewelry only because he or she feels that silver jewelry will be very cheap! In this case, price points are critical - the lower the price tag the wider and higher the appeal. Quality can take a back seat but, remember that this is true ONLY for this select group of cheap jewelry hunters. 

Kaisilver has always given equal attention, care and importance to both gold and 925 sterling silver jewelry. This has impressed male jewelry buyers who have, decided to remain with us irrespective of a change in metal choice. It is important to understand what you should expect and demand when looking for quality male jewelry. This will remain true for both gold or 925 silver male jewelry. Get an idea of the kind of quality you deserve when ordering your male jewelry, the report can be reviewed at


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