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Gemstone Jewelry

Understanding Gemstone Jewelry, Making The Right Choice

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Diamond Band: A classic diamond wedding band with a price tag that comes as a pleasant surprise. From the Kaisilver custom diamond jewelry collection, available in white gold or yellow gold. Your choice of diamond grade to suit your budget. >> more

Emerald Ring: Custom emerald diamond ring, suitable for casual wear or as an emerald engagement ring. Handpicked and custom cut emeralds for your yellow or white gold emerald diamond ring. Stylish trillion cut emerald gem stone ring from the world's leading custom jewelry provider. >> more

Mens Wedding Rings: Sterling silver rings have always been popular with men. Keeping this in mind, Kaisilver has released it's latest report on men's silver wedding rings. Learn about the 8 essentials for good men's 925 silver wedding rings. Includes great suggestions for plain and silver gemstone wedding rings for men. >> more

Bracelets Custom: The beauty of bracelets can be enhanced by including gems in gold or sterling silver bracelets. The possibility of including many types of gem stones in a single bracelet, provide good scope for adding beauty and meaning to your custom made bracelet. >> more

Cladagh Wedding Ring: The history of the 375 year cladagh ring shows why a cladagh wedding ring would be one of the most suitable wedding rings. The sacrifice, loyalty and true love of two very ordinary people has something to demonstrate to the entire world. >> more

Heart Pendant Custom: The meaning of the heart shape makes a custom heart pendant a very popular jewel. This section provides great examples of custom heart shaped jewelry, all these heart pendants can be custom made in gold or sterling silver. The choice of gem stone can add beauty and meaning to your heart jewel. >> more

Aquamarine Rings: Good durability and great looks makes custom aquamarine rings suitable for men and ladies. Aquamarine diamond engagement rings are generally made in white gold but, there is no reason why you should not wear a 14k or 18k yellow gold aquamarine gem stone ring. We show you some great ideas for ladies and men's aquamarine rings on this page. >> more

Blue Topaz Jewelry: Topaz is the November birth stone and blue topaz comes in shades of blue that will interest every jewelry lover. Custom topaz jewelry can include rings for ladies and men, earrings, pendants and even custom made blue topaz cuff links for men. Get to know what color shade of blue topaz is best for you, check out some great topaz gem stone jewelry. >> more

Three Stone Rings: Multi gem stone rings can have great beauty. By choosing gems with meaning for your three gem stone ring, you can create important jewels like family birth stone rings. The style for your 3 stone ring should consider your personality and the gems being used in the ring. >> more

Big Rings Custom: Lovers of big rings often seek the advantages that custom big rings offer. Not all gems are suitable for large rings, cost of some big gems is one of the factors that needs to be considered. Make sure that your big gem stone ring has a good metal weight to support the large dimensions of the ring. Low weight could sacrifice the long term durability of your big silver or gold ring. >> more

Tanzanite Jewelry: All gem stone jewelry should consider the hardness and other properties of gem stones being used. Tanzanite jewelry needs to provide sufficient protection for the gem stone, this despite the high price of tanzanite gems. We show you an excellent example of a white gold tanzanite diamond ring that, is pretty, sleek and durable. >> more

Ruby Rings Custom: The red color of rubies has made them very popular. Ruby gem stone rings are today worn as casual wear rings or as special occassion ruby engagement rings. We show you some of the finest ruby gem stone rings that have remained on the best selling list for over half a decade. An impressive mens ruby ring and the historic cladagh ring with ruby are some of the highlights. >> more

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