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Silver Rings, Custom Silver Rings

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Silver Tanzanite Rings, Is Tanzanite Suitable For 925 Silver Jewelry



Suitability Of Tanzanite For Silver Tanzanite Rings

When you talk about a tanzanite silver ring, a question that is often asked is whether tanzanite gems are suitable for silver jewelry. The fact that most jewelers do not offer tanzanite silver rings or, do not offer good quality tanzanite gems in 925 silver rings does create some confusion. The truth is that it is technically possible to craft a sterling silver tanzanite ring with a good tanzanite gem.

Aside from the technical feasibility is the issue of budgets. If you are hunting for cheap silver tanzanite gem stone rings, then do not expect quality. Tanzanite is one of the more expensive gems used in jewelry, the better the quality or the larger the size - the more you pay for the gem. At Kaisilver we have always welcomed jewelry orders in gold or 925 silver. The same degree of attention, care, gem options and craftsmanship would be provided for a gold or 925 silver tanzanite ring.

You could request for a yellor or white gold tanzanite ring with the TNZ001 gem shown above. And you could also order the very same ring, with the very same gem stone in sterling silver. We would welcome your request in both cases. With no limitation on design, dimensions or gem stone, we provide customization that no other jeweler can match in gold or 925 silver jewelry.

One thing that remain the same for the tanzanite gem in a gold or silver ring are the physical properties of the gem. For example, we always recommend that tanzanite gems be kept away from hard objects as physical impact could damage the gem. This suggestion is applicable for gold or 925 silver tanzanite rings. The gem stone should not be put through ultrasonic jewelry cleaning, once again applicable to tanzanite gems and tanzanite jewelry in all metals.

One thing that specifically relevant to Tanzanite 925 silver rings relates to cleaning tarnish from the jewel. A gold tanzanite ring would not tarnish but, all silver jewelry does tarnish. Even if you plate your sterling silver tanzanite ring with rhodium, gold or platinum the plating would be temporary and wear off over time. If you clean your silver tanzanite ring just as the tarnish sets in, the process would be simple and convenient. Commercially available silver jewelry polishing lotions or fabrics can be used for this. If you decide to polish your silver tanzanite ring, read the details that came with the polishing lotion or fabric carefully. Now follow the process and complete the polishing operation. Once you have done that, we will strongly recommend that you wash the ring in running water. This will take of any residual chemicals (from the polish) that might be stuck to the stone or the metal mounting. 


There are many more details related to tanzanite silver rings, you can read the comprehensive Kai Silver report on the subject at do email our support experts at if you have any queries or doubts. A gorgeous tanzanite wedding ring in gold or 925 silver can be seen at This is one of the most meaningful jewels in history and would surely interest and impress you.


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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Sapphire Gemstone Ring In Silver, The Tarnish Factor
Silver Sapphire Rings, What About Tarnish
It is well known that all silver ware tarnishes after a while. This is something that will happen to a 925 silver sapphire ring too. Increasing buyer movement towards silver jewelry has been seen in recent years, high gold prices is one of the main reasons for this trend. With an increasingly large number of jewelry buyers turning to sapphire silver rings, the question of silver tarnish is often discussed and debated.
Let us briefly explain what silver tarnish mans. If you had to keep your 925 silver sapphire gemstone ring for a couple of months, you might notice a faint color change in the metal. This discoloration is known as tarnish, fortunately it is something that can be taken off quite easily. When you see the first stages of tarnish on your sterling silver sapphire gemstone ring, you need to take the tarnish off. A number of silver polishing lotions are available in the market, choose one that is specifically marked for jewelry. Just polish the silver ring, rinse the ring in water after the polishing is complete and the ring will shine bright again. It is necessary to rinse the sapphire 925 silver ring after polishing, this takes off any residual chemicals from the polishion lotion that might remain stuck to the gemstone or the metal.
What worries many jewelry lovers is whether the gem stone in a 925 sterling silver sapphire gemstone ring, can withstand this type of cleaning. The answer is a big yes, sapphires are strong gems and the polishing of your silver sapphire ring would not affect the gemstone. Do remember to rinse the ring after the polishing process is complete. 
You will notice that we have talked about cleaning your tarnished silver sapphire ring but, said nothing about the prevention process. In reality, there are far too many factors that together determine how fast and how severely your ring will tarnish. But just remember to clean the ring as the first signs of tarnish appear, and it will be an easy process. In case you neglected the cleaning work and the tarnish took on a dark appearance, it is likely to be quite stubborn. Take the help of a professional jeweler to clean severely tarnished silver sapphire gemstone rings. 
We would like to warn you about one gimmick that is often played by jewelry manufacturers. You will most probably come across jewelers who recommend that your sapphire 925 silver ring be plated with a metal like rhodium, silver, gold or platinum. They claim that these platings offer anti-tarnish qualities to the silver ring. However the fact is that, these platings wear off after some time and leave the jewel looking quite dull and drab. It is therefore a very good idea to leave your 925 silver sapphire ring unplated. You can always polish your silver ring if it does tarnish.
The issue of sapphire gem stone quality for your silver sapphire ring is something that, you should discuss with your jeweler. A good custom jewelry provider will give you various options for gem quality, these can be selected according to your budget. Just remember that sapphires in smaller sizes are cheaper (per carat) as compared to larger sapphires. So if you find that a 925 silver sapphire ring with a good 8mm round sapphire is way too expensive, try reducing the ring dimensions a  bit and accomodate a 7mm round sapphire gem in the ring. These are issues that your jeweler should guide you about so, make sure that you choose a good and reputed jeweler to work with.
The above report has been compiled by Kaisilver experts. You can get your doubts or questions cleared by writing to the team at Since there is no obligation to make any purchase from us, there really is no reason why you should not open a dialog with our team. We have a complete report on silver sapphire gem stone rings at  The report also has some excellent concepts for both ladies and mens sapphire rings to guide you.

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Friday, 3 June 2011

Mens Silver Ring, MAN09 Moonstone 925 Silver Ring For Men

Mens Silver Moonstone Ring

It is not exactly clear what makes mens moonstone rings so very popular. However the reasons for the higher demand for mens silver moonstone rings as compared to gold moonstone rings are quite obvious. The larger sizes of mens 925 silver rings is something that can be quite expensive if done in gold. It is not just the price tag that makes mens sterling silver rings popular, many men prefer the calm and confident appearance of silver jewelry.

Kaisilver crafts a few hundred mens silver moonstone rings a year, the MAN09 is a classic design that has been consistently popular for the past 4 to 5 years. One interesting thing about this mens 925 silver ring is that, the even large gemstone size of 12x10mm does not make the ring appear bulky and clumsy. While the designers need to be given credit for this, one feature needs to be highlighted. The moonstone in this mens 925 sterling silver ring, is mounted horizontally against the finger. This puts the longer side (12mm) across the ring and not vertical. This helps moderate the dimensions on the front side of the moonstone ring.

We would also like to address a question about the gemstone in this sterling silver gem stone ring. Many buyers send queries related to using a faceted moonstone in their ring. Technically this is not a problem, this is especially true of Kaisilver where each jewel is completely tailormade to accomodate all preferences of the buyer. The MAN09 moonstone ring has been shown here with a smooth (cabachon) cut gemstone. When you choose a faceted gemstone for a moonstone which has an average hardness rating, you need to understand one important thing, A faceted moonstone could show more visible wear and tear marks over time. This is because scratches that might occur along the edges where the facets meet are quite clearly visible.

If you notice the band of this 925 silver moonstone ring, you can see that the inside is well suited for doing etchings. You could for example request for a name or even a short message or date to be etched inside the band. The support team at will welcome any queries or doubts that you might have. For a more detailed report on this awesome mens 925 silver ring check out the page at 


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Friday, 8 October 2010

Sterling Silver Men's Onyx Ring. Demand Quality When You Order A Silver Ring

Jewelers for some reason give buyers the idea that, mens silver rings cannot be of a good quality. Much of this rubbish is related to the tempting profit margins provided by men's gold rings. At Kaisilver, we do not play such gimmicks and would rather let you choose the metal of your choice when ordering your mens onyx gem stone ring. The MAN70 is a custom onyx gem stone ring for men, the ring can be ordered in gold or silver. By using the same designing, production and gem stone resources for gold and silver men's rings we prove our commitment to provide quality for both metal options.

When it comes to choosing a gem stone for a men's gold or silver ring, there is no distinction made between the metal options. The same gemstone procurement and cutting team works on all orders. Our skilled craftsmen give their highest degree of attention to every single detail, irrespective of metal choice. You will notice that most silver jewelry is produced as wholesale merchandise with mechanized processes, there really is no scope to customize or to show the skills of a true craftsman or artisan. This means that you need to go for a custom mens silver ring if you want the jewel to have good quality and include all your preferences.

If you are interested in knowing more about the MAN70 onyx gemstone ring for men, skip to this page You can also email our support team at with any queries or requirements that you might have.

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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Is Black Onyx Suitable For Silver Rings? Black Onyx Gemstone Information

Black Onyx Gemstone, Suitability For Silver Rings.

When it comes to silver rings, jewelry buyers often wonder whether specific gems are suitable for silver jewelry. We have received emails time and again inquiring about, black onyx gems and whether they can be used for 925 silver rings. Technically all gems can be used to produced gold or silver jewelry but, some gems might be better set in gold rather than silver. Fortunately, black onyx gems need not limit the metal choice for your jewelry. You can safely use black onyx for silver rings. However it is better to be aware of a few simple things before you proceed.

(a) If you are worried about cleaning tarnish on your onyx silver ring, there is not much to worry about. Any recommended silver polish lotion or fabric can be used to polish tarnish away from your sterling silver black onyx ring. It is however a nice habit to always rinse the ring in clean, cool running water after the polishing is done. The idea is to wash away any residual chemicals or solvents that might remain stuck to the ring or gem stone.

(b) Regarding the durability of black onyx, it is modest at a measure of 6 on the Mohs scale. A little caring will give you longer wearing pleasure. Do not let the black onyx gemstone protrude too much in your silver ring. Stones that protrude are more likely to get damaged by getting hit on hard objects.

(c) If you prefer to have a faceted black onyx gem (as shown in the image), get the gem cut with simple facets as shown in the image. Multi faceted cuts like the checkerboard cut might look good but, the wear and tear along the facet lines might show up easily. This might not be relevant if you plan to get a pair of black onyx earrings or a black onyx gem stone pendant. Earrings and pendants do not take as much wear and tear as compared to a ring.

(d) We mentioned that your black onyx gem should not be too thick as this could make it protrude from the mounting. At the same time make sure that you do not get a very thin gem too. Thin gems do not have enough 'body' and can break or crack more easily.

We do hope that you have found the above information to be useful. More information on black onyx stones can be seen on the Directstones website at We have also discussed about black onyx and other black color stones at If you are looking for a men's onyx ring review the Kaisilver mens onyx ring collection, it will give you a good idea about what to look for and what to expect when shopping for men's onyx gem stone rings, the collection can be seen at 

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Sunday, 20 December 2009

Plain Silver Wedding Bands, Cheap Cannot Be Good.

Plain Sterling Silver Wedding Bands, Good Quality Can Be Affordable.

Many jewelry buyers search for cheap wedding bands, this does sound strange for some reasons. A wedding ring is an important jewel it symbolizes a solemn occassion in ones life. While there is no need to spend a fortune on your wedding band, do not hunt for cheapness when it comes to choosing a wedding ring.

Given the price levels of gold, a silver wedding band would obviously be priced lower than a similar ring in gold. Gems and diamonds if used in wedding bands add a cost component to the price tag. This does mean that, avoiding stones in a wedding band would moderate the price tag. At the same time, a good quality plain wedding band ring with good metal weight and craftsmanship will not be cheap.

One important aspect of your wedding ring should be durability, you obviously want the ring to last a lifetime. Low metal weight or bad craftsmanship compromises on longterm durability. Readymade silver wedding bands are made to attract mass markets, this can happen only with lower prices. To achieve lower prices substandard craftsmanship and low metal weight are implemented. This means that the durability of your ring is compromised, the jeweler does not care about this though.

On the other hand going for a custom sterling silver wedding band with no stones works to your benefit. Such rings are given complete attention and each of your requirements can be incorporated into the ring. The custom jewelry provider does not need to worry about pleasing a mass audience, he can therefore concentrate on quality and customize the jewel just for you. The recently published report on plain wedding bands has some very useful information related to both gold and silver wedding band rings with no gems, check the report out at

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Monday, 16 November 2009

Plain Silver Wedding Band, Classic Sturdy And Durable 925 Silver Wedding Band

Plain Silver Wedding Band.

The release of the Kaisilver RG235 plain sterling silver wedding band has already raised interest among buyers and fashion critics. With high gold prices and dull global economies, there could not have been a better time to launch this 925 plain silver wedding band. The fact that complete customization is possible only adds to the reasons why you should choose the RG234 wedding band.

There is nothing in this ring that would not make the ring equally suitable for a casual wear ring. But when it comes to a silver wedding band, this jewel needs nothing undone. The handsome band width of around 10mm can be chosen for the men's plain sterling silver wedding band. If you were thinking of getting a pair of silver wedding bands, this ring should answer all your dreams. It is classic and has an ivy (creeper) design etched all around the band. There is no rhodium of other plating on the jewel. So you need not worry about plating that peals out and leaves the ring looking shabby. The mens plain sterling silver wedding band can have a band width of around 9mm to 11mm. For a lady's silver wedding band consider a band width of around 6mm to 8mm. These are ofcourse some suggestions and the final decision will be yours.

The ivy design on this 925 silver wedding band is suitable for men or ladies. However, if you have some other design in mind Kaisilver can do the etching based on your design. The ring is supported by a healthy silver weight. No metal scooping inside the band, this enhances the durability and the comfort of wearing your plain silver wedding band. The etching can include alphabets, names, symbols or images.  

If you are impressed by the design and construction of this 925 silver wedding band but, have made up your mind about having a gold ring, we can custom make the same design in 14k or 18k gold. The choice of yellow gold or white gold will ofcourse be provided to you. A more thorough explanation of this classic wedding band can be found at

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Updated: Monday, 16 November 2009 10:27 AM EST
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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Mens Silver Citrine Rings, Reasons For The Popularity Of Silver Citrine Rings For Men

Mens Silver Citrine Rings, More Popular Than Gold Citrine Rings For Men

When it comes to mens rings, silver is a more popular metal as compared to gold. This is true of all mens rings and not just citrine rings for men. Talking specifically about the citrine gem, there are many reasons why the gemstone is perfectly suited to mens silver rings. Firstly remember that mens rings would be quite large in size and overall dimensions. Large jewels would generally include fairly large gems and ofcourse require sufficient metal weight to make them durable too. The modest price of silver makes it a favorite choice for mens rings.

Citrine gems are not expensive, the color shades of yellow ensure that there is a shade to interest everyone. The almost canary yellow citrine has a pale yellow color but is the least preferred stone for gold or silver men's citrine rings. You will find that the medium yellow citrine is the most common color shade for men's citrine gem stone rings. There is another rare color in citrine, a thick yellowish brown color that many men adore. Unfortunately only 2% to 5% of the citrine that is mined globally has this classic color. The MAN02 citrine ring from Kaisilver shows such a citrine gem stone. The above mens citrine gem stone ring has what is known as a 'madeira' citrine gem stone in the center. The name madeira is taken from the name of a Portugese wine. This color shade of citrine is supposed to resemble the color of the portugese wine. This is probably the most expensive type of citrine but, is even then very modestly priced.

You can see more information on the MAN02 sterling silver or gold mens citrine ring at

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Friday, 20 March 2009

Sterling Silver Rings And Other 925 Silver Jewelry, When You Need Quality

Custom Silver Rings And Other Sterling Silver Jewelry.

Many jewelers believe that all silver jewelry buyers are looking for cheap bargains. The idea that a silver ring buyer would not care much about quality of merchandise and craftsmanship is wrong. Sterling silver jewelry has some serious buyers, people who love silver for it's sheer classic appearance. This knowledgeable group of silver jewelry buyers would not be satisfied with the ordinary mass produced sterling silver rings or other jewelry. If you see the men's silver garnet ring shown on the above image, you will be amazed to know that it is finely crafted with a weight of around 15 to 20 grams of silver. The red garnet gem stone in this men's silver ring is handpicked and closely inspected before being custom cut to fit the precisely crafted mounting.

Silver jewelry need not be restricted to silver rings, a pair of high end custom silver cuff links can also be made with the gem stone of your choice. A hefty and sturdy sterling silver bracelet could be made with good design, construction and eye clean gems. All this and more would be possible only if you choose custom silver jewelry. Ready made silver jewelry would need to please a mass market, this is best done by keeping lower price points. Low prices in turn mean compromise on quality. Kaisilver the world's leading online custom made jewelry provider accepts all jewelry orders in gold or sterling silver. Equal attention to detail is given to your gold or silver jewelry and this ensures that you get true high end silver jewelry. Get to know more about what you should look for when shopping for your sterling silver ring or othre 925 silver jewelry here

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Saturday, 14 March 2009

Silver Claddagh Ring, Retain The Meaning Of A Claddagh Ring

Silver Claddagh Rings, Equally Graceful And Meaningful

The RG152 shows a peridot silver claddagh ring, created by Kaisilver. Credited as the world's finest rendition of the Claddagh ring, Kaisilver claddagh rings are availble in silver and gold. The important thing about this historic ring is that, the meaning of the jewel is in it's features. This jewel has a 375 year history and symbolizes, love friendship and loyalty. The humble beginnings of the claddagh ring began when an Irish fisherman turned slave made the first ring for his beloved. The interesting thing about a sterling silver claddagh ring is that the ring has no less meaning or significance as compared to the claddagh gold ring.

Talking about a Kaisilver claddagh ring, the jewel retains all the features of the first claddagh ring that was made more than 3 centuries ago. Skilled craftsmen create each jewel and every gem stone is handpicked and custom cut. Complete customization allows you to select the gem stone of your choice for your claddagh sterling silver ring. You could therefore have a great silver birth stone ring that has tremendous meaning and significance. The best part of the Kaisilver claddagh ring is that, the same set of craftsmen work on the gold and silver ring. The selection of gemstones and strict quality checking is applicable to the gold and 925 silver claddagh rings.

We provide a few interesting resources related to the claddagh ring here. If you need more information on the RG152 peridot claddagh ring check this link If you are interesting in knowing more about the history, tradition and meaning of the cladaugh ring make sure that you visit An entire resource dedicated to claddagh rings has been maintained here

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